The Daffodil Society Award for outstanding service to the Daffodil

March 11, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Enthusiasts, General, People Awards

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I am so honored to know the both of you, some of us only get 15 minutes of fame, but you two will go down in history for all the hard and wonderful work you have done.
As a side note, if it weren’t for daffseek I would be all but lost. Ed got a farmall cub tractor and last summer Ed decided to take the cycle mower to my daffodil bed and there went all the ion industry markers, the stakes and spike markers as well as some of the brucks got misplaced. However, the bed did look nice afterwords, but I lost all my markers and now thanks tot he work you have done, this will save me.
I didn’t yell at him, because I knew that this Spring all would be remarked once again, I just said, Thank God for daffseek.
This is just however, a very small area that we daffnuts will use the data base for Even though I stil have the names of all my daffodils, I lost my

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