What do the Black Tips mean?

March 31, 2008

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My conclusion from continuing to scan photos is that here are many black tipped cultivars.
The Division 1 (trumpet) blooms with black anther tips that I have seen so far in my photos are Pops Legacy and Ombersley. 
From Division 2 I have seen Loch Owskeich, Ffitch’s Folly, American Heritage, Goff’s Caye.  (Ffitch’s Folly has an unusual two-lobed configuration of the pollen on each anther.)
From Division 6, there is Elfin Gold.

I’d be delighted to learn what this all means, and why the question was originally posed.


One response to “What do the Black Tips mean?”

  1. John Beck says:

    I had thought he mentioned obvallaris- I do not recall seeing the black- but I left all of mine at the last show

    > Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 12:32:07 -0400