wind damage – Daffidil Biomechanics

March 4, 2008

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Weather and Temperature

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Here’s the link to the article from Natural History magazine on Daffodil Biomechanics, and resistance to wind.

Dave Liedlich

2 responses to “wind damage – Daffidil Biomechanics”

  1. Donna Dietsch says:
    Hi Dave,
    If you are a daffodil nut who likes to show their flowers, the last thing you want to see is wind blowing the daffs.  Even soft spring breezes are too much.
  2. Donna Dietsch says:
    Dave and all,
    Another observation in regard to this article – When the wind is sustained, the stem will stay in that twisted form.  We always instruct new daffodil exhibitors to gently hold the top and the bottom of a twisted stem and gently twist it back to the straight position.  If you do it in a twist – release motion over and over, it will go back to the original straightness.  Also since it was observed that the stem will bend the flower close to the ground to avoid the wind, we sometimes find daffodils with bent stems.  I usually hold the stem in one hand, and gently run my fingers along the stem, straightening it as I go.  It will eventually go back to more or less the original straight position.
    Anyone wanting to watch me do this, catch me at the convention.  Bring me a twisted stem and I will show you how to do this without breaking off the head of the flower.
    Donna Dietsch