Keith Kridler, Texas

wind damage

March 4, 2008

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Weather and Temperature

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Large clumps of daffodils like these Sweetness were mashed to the ground with the heavy rains and down drafts from the winds. If the stems are not broken they will partially stand back up. One problem we see when you have a really big clump of daffodils blown over like this is that if we have high temperatures and full sun in the nest week the yellow stems will sunburn and kill off the foliage of the bulbs in the center of the clump. This will stunt the growth of these bulbs and it will be three years before they are big enough to bloom again. Keith Kridler

3 responses to “wind damage”

  1. Debbie Green says:

    Does anyone have data on wind resistance in daffodil varieties? I now live in a much windier area; I’m also trying to learn more about creating windbreaks. Thanks for any input.
    Debbie in Western NC

  2. Sandra Stewart says:

    Hi Deborah and all
    It got pretty windy here last night but all the daffs are standing back up…so can’t say any variety is better than the others. Best solution here is just pick ’em before the storm gets home.
    Covered up in Sweetness…Sandra

  3. David Liedlich says:


    Some time ago I posted a link to an article from Natural History magazine on “daffodil biomechanics”, and the ability of daffodils to tolerate wind much better than say, a tulip.  I do not have the link handy anymore, but I am sure a Google search would locate it.

    Dave Liedlich