Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi

working definition of frustration

March 14, 2008

Categories: Show Prep and Exhibiting, Shows

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–random spotting on the morning before your show–
in the distance, in the far bed, a beautiful bloom—it might be ‘Conestoga’–it IS ‘Conestoga’–with absolutely perfect petals, all seven of them
-at the base of a crepe myrtle tree, undisturbed since at least before the 2001 tornado, a bloom of ‘Quail.’ Not one bloom, not two blooms, but three blooms. All fully open One bloom has six petals, one bloom has five, and the third has four.

The first has six petals, the second

One response to “working definition of frustration”

  1. Bill Lee says:

    Well, Loyce, the good thing is that you noticed these flaws in the garden. It is much more embarrassing to find a note written on your show entry card after judging is completed!
    For Ohioans who are just recovering from 12-24″ of snow, I noticed buds on ‘Dutch Master’ this morning. I think we’re going to have our shows after all!
    Bill Lee