Tom Stettner, Ohio

ADS National Show – Standard Red White & Blue Ribbon: Kathy Welsh

April 14, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Show Results, Shows, Standards

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The Standard Red White & Blue Ribbon is awarded to the best 5 stem entry of Daffodils all Hybridized in America. Each flower must be labeled with the flower name and Classification along with the name of the hybridizer. This award was exhibited and won by Kathy Welsh with the following flowers (from top left), Great Gatsby, Magic Lantern, Pacific Rim, Homestead, & Lara. I questioned a few people sitting with me at one of the shows to ask them how large the photos appeared on their screens. It seems that most of the answers revealed that the photos are too large for screens that are not quite as large as the 19 inch screen that I use along with the resolution setting that I use. SO, I’m trying to make these a little smaller to accommodate most folks. I hope they are better now.

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