Black apical spots on anthers

April 19, 2008

Categories: Breeding, Fertility, Hybridizing, Seedling

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I did not pay a lot of attention to the previous E-mails on this subject.
However, today I was making a reciprocal cross using ‘Mississippi Traveler’ 2 WWY-Y V (matures to 2 W-Y) and a 2 W-Y seedling.  The ‘MS T’ pollen was barely old enough to use, and all the flowers that I examined had the black spots on the tips of all the anthers.  The ‘MS T’ pedigree is (Bravoure x Gold Convention).  ‘Golden Milestone’ 1 Y-Y’s pollen was more mature, but I could still see a few black spots.  Its pedigree is (Strathkaniard x Gold Convention).  The same could be said for ‘Gold Convention’ and another of its seedlings.

Could you please forward this to the person who requested information?  Sorry not to have thought that it applied to any of my flowers.

Leone Low

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