Close up of pseudonarcissus, Gloucestershire UK , March 2008

April 2, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Species

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This third and final photo shows the flowers in close up.
The three photographs that I have posted show some of the densest populations. However there are many, many more to see in fields, churchyards and tumbling out of woodland onto the roadside verges.
Travelling from Wales to Gloucestershire on the M50 motorway they can also be seen cascading down the grassy banks
Primroses, cowslips and violets are also making some lovely displays this year but these little daffodils can hold their own.
Jackie Petherbridge

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One response to “Close up of pseudonarcissus, Gloucestershire UK , March 2008”

  1. Kathy Welsh says:

    Were these planted at one point or are they native to the UK?