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April 6, 2008

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I actually have a model of the Daffodil car. I bought it on eBay a number of years ago.
Linda was also too modest to mention that HER Daffmobile is going to be featured at the Cincinnati Flower Show!
Those of you who attended the 2002 ADS National Meeting in Cincinnati will recall seeing the Daffmobile parked in front of the hotel.
Bill Lee

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3 responses to “Daffodil auto”

  1. Joost Pennings says:

    Yes,That is true. As you had in the USA , Mr Ford who makes a car for everybody,the T.Ford. In Germany the Volkswagen Beetle so we had in Holland The Daffodil made by the car manufacturer DAF The carcompany was taken over by Volvo only the Trucks part not,they are very popular in Europa now.
    Best Regards Jan Pennings

  2. Sandra Stewart says:

    I missed seeing the car, but they usually have some kind of coolectible old ads on Ebay and now is no exception . Found this one of several tonight
    If you can’t use the link and want to look anyhow just search DAF in all categories.
    In 1962 Volkwagen Beetles were really popular here…wish we still had ours!
    Sandra —- Linda Wallpe < title=> wrote:
    Hi Daffodil Friends:
    Strange things happen at Daffodil shows. This weekend was no exception.
    A man and woman cam into the show this afternoon while I was talking to a garden club friend who asked me a question about the Daff Mobile. After my friend departed he came over, said he had overheard my conversation and started asking me questions about the Daff Mobile. This couple were from Michigan and had had sports cars over the years.
    In the conversation he said that back in the 50’s, there was a car brought to the States from Holland named the Daf and there was a model named the Daffodil. It did not go over big here. It was belt driven and had a variable speed transmission.
    Anyway, I looked it up on Google and there is a nice description with photos on Wikipedia. Here’s the URL Thought someone might be interested:
    Linda Wallpe

  3. David Adams says:
    Paul and Linda Wallpe  created the Daffmobile but I wonder how many of you have had the privilege of seeing Paul’s shed where he stores his cars. It one of the daffodil wonders of the USA.