Ben Blake, California

Daffodil Pets

April 1, 2008

Categories: Diseases and Pests, Snails, Deer and other Pests

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Here in northern California we have tiny deer compared to most parts of the USA. I would guess a mature one stands maybe 40-inches or 1-meter. This baby deer is about half that. There were five deer in the immediate vicinity when I photographed this one.
Apparently we are ignoring the daffodils for the much nicer sweeter grass…
P.S. how many legs do you count? This is actually two babies one blocking the other.

6 responses to “Daffodil Pets”

  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    That’s another great thing about daffodils, Ben. The dear don’t like them! Unfortunately they do like hostas, daylilies, crocus, etc . . .and cyclamen. That nice little cyclamen coum (photo sent a few weeks ago) is now nibbled down to the corm. Mary Lou

  2. Clay Higgins says:

    Maryland Deer eat species daffodils, jonquilla, golden bells and other small stemmed daffodils.  Anyone want to visit and see the deer eat.
    Clay E. Higgins
    (240) 632-0002
    cell (301) 814-4206

  3. David Liedlich says:


    More evidence that deer don’t eat daffodils!

    Dave Liedlich

  4. Does anyone out there know if deer eat Solomon’s Seals (Polygonatum)? David Burdick Saw some bare ground in the daffodil field yesterday here in Western Mass

  5. Joe Hamm says:

    YES THEY EAT Solomon’s seal…….. I used to have huge clumps of the wild ‘seal’ and ‘plume’……. as well as trillium’s…..they manage tow wipe them out….

  6. Wendy Akers says:

    David in the UK where deer are not a common problem, EVERYTHING eats Solomon’s Seal, it even has a caterpillar of its own which eats nothing else.
    James Akers