Daffodils to celebrate the death of a clown (I am not kidding!)

April 7, 2008

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Daffnetters, I received an email this evening from a local clown. He is searching for a way to get a good number of cut daffodils to celebrate the life of his wife who performed as Daffydill. He needs them on April 19. If you can send him a box of daffodils by that date, let me know. I’ll get details on his mailing address. (And I’ve asked him for photographs because I think this could make an interesting Journal article and also demonstrate the generosity and kindness of our wonderful daffodil community.
Bill Lee

My name is Clarence Hall and I live in Mason Ohio. My wife and I were clowns trained at the Cincinnati Children’s hospital through the Funny Co. in 1996.
My Clown name is Katt Knapp. My Wife’s Clown name was Daffydill. My wife passed away on March 20 of this year. She was a wonderful person who loved life and kids.
She asked that we have a party to celebrate her life instead of a traditional service. We are going to do that on the 19th of April. I was thinking that it would be wonderful if I could buy a whole lot of Daffodils to have at the party. Do you have a way of buying them that would be helpful to me?

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