FW: Sugar Rose?

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Sugar Rose?

Hello Kathleen
I do grow Sugar Rose and will be listing it in 2009.
It is not a problem to send to the USA, the cost for Phytosanitary certificates is now £12.50 plus 25p per bulb, we get all certificates done in one hit to keep the cost down, to have one issued separately the cost is £47, these are the cost prices that the Ministry inspectors make for all exports from England.
We are sorry about the charges but both your Government and out seem to insist on these inspections.
We are also a ministry approved nursery for export.
Best wishes
Ron Scamp

Katrina Rea was wonderful at the US National Show last week, but Sugar Rose was even better!  This was the first time I’d seen either of them and was struck by how much presence they had – much better in person than in photographs.Do you have any Sugar Rose available for sale?  At what cost?

I’m in the US and have not ordered from you before.  Do I understand correctly that the £10.00 listed as shipping to the US (for the first 5 bulbs) includes the Phytosanitory Certificates, or is that an additional charge?  Should I order through the on-line store, or via e-mail?

Thank you,
Kathleen Simpson

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