Ian Tyler, England

Ident Please!

April 23, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics

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Dear All, Does anyone have any ideas about the name of this flower

5 responses to “Ident Please!”

  1. Mary Durtschi says:

    I have a “found” daffodil that looks like it may be the same flower.  I  e-mailed Joe Hamm last night and sent pictures asking for his suggestions.
    I have looked on Daffseek and think that it may be ‘Mrs. Langtry’.  The picture that I am attatching makes the petals look more white than they really are.  The one that I think is ‘Mrs. Langtry’ is the flower on the bottom of two of the pictures.
    I have also found two other 3W-Y’s at vacant lots.  I think that they may be ‘White Lady’ and ‘Queen Of The North’.  They both have much whiter petals than the one that I think may be ‘Mrs. Langtry.  The flower by it self has a shorter cup than the top flower in the pictures with two flowers.
    I would appreciate anyone help with identifying these flowers. 

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  2. Margaret Capper says:

    Hi Ian,
    Looks like “Sir Watkin” to me, strangely classed as a 2Y-Y, although the perianth is a very , very, pale yellow and looks ” whitish”. Len Tomlinson has numerous clumps of it at his farm in Cheshire amongst his “historics”

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  3. Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi Loyce McKenzie says:
    I had thought too that it was ‘Sir Watkin,’ as I grew it in my old garden, and as I have seen it in Roxane Daniel’s garden in Camden, Arkansas.
    Loyce McKenzie


  4. Joe Hamm says:

    To all that are deluging me with I.Ds
    I am swamped trying to analyze 60 some beds of daffodils for a major move of bulbs this year and next….. I have my hands full of taking pictures, purging wrong cultivars from beds and trying to keep up with my study bulbs.
    i am not looking a the computer on a regular basis and the number of E-mails with all the shows going on is astronomical….
    Now with regard to what I see with the three photographs….. What I see is nothing that is White Lady… cups are all the size / form of what is normally found on Queen of the North.. yet the total look of the blooms do not tell me Q. of N.

  5. Joe Hamm says:

    I have sever requests on this one which appears to resemble Gull with out the orange rim and a more intense yellow….But I do not have any thoughts at this time…