Pin the tail on the historic -HELP!

April 3, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics

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Ok Kids!
Put yer thinkin’ caps on, purdy please! I’ve never seen anything like this flower…
I need an identification, if at all possible, for this flower for a friend of mine for her research. It is part of an interesting historic landscape in east Georgia, where the basics of the landscape plan was laid out by a rather important Georgia nurseryman in 1909. BUT, he didn’t include ANY bulbs in the plan – and there is remaining at least 50-75 feet of daffodils (and other bulbs) planted on either side of the first stretch of the front walk (the next 50-75 feet have been lost). All bulbs seem to be pretty well nourished/cared for.
I’ve started bought a few old American bulb catalogs (and one Dutch wholesale) of late, and the only commerically available old cultivar that comes close to this flower by description is ‘Cynosure’, but I’ve no comparative image, so…

2 responses to “Pin the tail on the historic -HELP!”

  1. Nancy Ellis says:

    I’m guessing ‘Lucifer’.

    Nancy Ellis

  2. Keith Kridler says:

    I think Old House Gardens sold that one back in 1998. They multiplied like gang busters and we sold them at the Tyler Daffodil sale last fall and I actually have several hundred of them replanted. Seagull was one that comes to mind in that order. I am NOT saying that is what it is but is another one to look up and compare photo’s of. Do a search in the 1820’s to 1880’s range on 3W-Y or 3W-O…. Nancy guessed Lucifer but I don’t recall having that one.
    I have several of these older camparabilis types that don’t really color code correctly to what we have bought or people have put names on what we have growing here. Lots of slight variation in the colors of these in different areas and under different climate and some of them also drop seed so Lucifer say planted from the 1890’s till now you can have some big clumps of near look alike seedlings similar to their parents.
    Again I did NOT look up Lucifer to see if it is seed viable but MANY older daffodils drop seed that bloom very similar color code wise to the seed parent, but different:-)) Keith Kridler ANOTHER 1 Inch of rain has fallen here in East Texas with inches and inches more predicted. REALLY starting to worry about the bulbs we planted this past year!