Red Butte Gardens Bulb Show

April 12, 2008

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‘Hi Everyone,
I just got back from the Red Butte Gardens Bulb Show in Salt Lake City, Utah.  A much smaller show than last year, due to the late season we are having.  I would consider this year a ‘huge success’ because we had almost four times more people enter the flowers this year.  We had 65 daffodils & 21 other spring bulbs entered today.  We are a new event each spring and people are starting to spread the word to all their friends
‘Gold Velvet’ was Best Division 1, ‘Ceylon’ took Best Division 2 & ‘Best Of Show’,  ‘Barrett Browning’ was Best Division 3, ‘Tahiti’ was Best Division 4, ‘Rapture’ was Best Division 6, ‘Avalanche’ was Best Division 8, ‘Orangery’ was Best Division 11, ‘Bittern’ was Best Division 12 and ‘N. campernelli’ was Best Division 13.  We had no flowers in Divisions 5, 7, 9, 10,
Red Butte always has a ‘People’s Choice Award’ and this year it was a tie between ‘Tahiti’ & ‘Replete’, apparently the public love the doubles.  We had many people vote in this fun contest.  I think they had two wedding receptions in the garden today and many of the guest took time to enjoy & vote for their favorite flower.
I am attatching a picture of the beautiful way all the flowers are displayed.  I think the vases & moss are fantastic.  They are prepared the day before the show and the flowers are just centered in the oasis beneath the moss.  Very elegant!
I would like to thank Brent & Becky Heath, once again, for their wonderful book ‘Daffodils For North American Gardens’ that was given to the top two winners.  I am ‘especially grateful’ because I was one of the lucky people to win a copy of this beautiful book.
Another wonderful day!

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