Tom Stettner, Ohio

SWODS – Quinn: Exhibited by Lynn Ladd

April 7, 2008

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The Carey Quinn Medal is offered for the best collection of 24 standard flowers from at least 5 divisions. This is offered as the most challenging collection to exhibit. The first time any exhibitor wins this award, they receive a medallion as the Medal. This is Lynns 2nd winning Quinn in a week!. I don’t have the list of flowers with me.

One response to “SWODS – Quinn: Exhibited by Lynn Ladd”

  1. Lynn Ladd says:

    Tom and friends,
    As good as it sounds, I did not enter a Quinn in our East Tennessee show last week.  We did not have one.  Most of my flowers bloomed last week so this collection was the majority of the flowers that I took to Cincinnati.
    The weekend was great fun and I want to thank Linda Wallpe (and Paul) for having me at their house and all the SWODS people for staging a great show and being wonderful hosts.
    Zone 7 in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains