Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio

SWODS show

April 7, 2008

Category: Show Results

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As you can see from Tom’s photos, there were some great flowers at the SWODS show in Cincinnati last weekend.  If we had to depend on locally grown flowers, they would have fit on one 8-foot table!  But thanks to our friends from further south, we had 650 blooms in our show.  So. . .  many, many thanks to Becky Fox Matthews and Lynn Ladd, who came from Tennessee; Kathleen Simpson who came from West Virginia; Mike and Lisa Kudak and Sue Bartle who came from Kentucky; Kay Cunningham, Helen Trueblood and Sara Kinne from Indiana, who brought blooms to delight the many visitors.  It was a lovely spring day, and the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens (where our show is held) was crowded and many came to the show.
And many thanks to Tom Stettner who makes all our prize-winners look even better in his photos!
Mary Lou

3 responses to “SWODS show”

  1. Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi Loyce McKenzie says:

    And an added thanks from me to Tom, whose pictures make it possible for daffodil people all around the world to be, if only for a little while, at the SWODS

    Loyce McKenzie

  2. Bob Spotts says:


    The SWODS Show was quite a success for John Pearson!  Congrats to him for his cultivars winning both Best Standard and Best Vase of 3 Standards.


  3. Bill Lee says:

    Mary Lou Gripshover stood back and looked at our Cincinnati show several times this weekend and said, “This is why you should never cancel a show.”

    Of course we are indebted to Lynn Ladd and Becky Fox Matthews and others who came in from out of town with many flowers that we do not yet have in bloom locally.

    This demonstrates the importance of not only inviting people from other regions to your show to judge and exhibit, but also to get out to shows in other regions yourself. This cross-pollination benefits us all.

    Bill Lee