Tasmanian Show

April 3, 2008

Categories: Hybridizing, Seedling, Shows

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Just recently I went on a day trip to Tasmania where I visited the town of Sheffield.
Sheffield is a very small town with a big reputation. It is well known for the large,
very lifelike murals painted on the walls of the local shops and other buildings.
Having visited several times I had seen these before but on this occasion there
was a new one, a picture of a spring show with plenty of daffodils. Some of the
daffodils were seedlings, I suspect from Jamie Radcliff, and some were named
cultivars. Included were the classifications although in several cases these were
incorrect. For example Acropolis was 3W-W instead of 4W-R although the
picture showed it’s correct colour.
I don’t suppose this bothered the general public though. Fancy seeing this
every time you went to the local store for your groceries.

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