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The Central Ohio Daffodil Society Show was held on April 19 and 20.doc

April 21, 2008

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The Central Ohio Daffodil Society Show was held on April 19 and 20, 2008

The Central Ohio Daffodil Society Show was held on April 19 and 20, 2008. The weather cooperated this year and the show was very nice; the quality was high as you have seen from Tom’s photos. We appreciate all Tom’s hard work; he showed and won many classes; he Judged; took photos and then had to go home and edit them for daffnet! Makes me tired just thinking about all he does for us!


We had 341 exhibits; 26 exhibitors; 12 artistic arrangements and 681 blooms. Thanks to Creative Arrangers and Serendipity Garden Club for the artistic arrangements; they add so much to the show!


Gold Ribbon; Nancy Gill; Polar Sky 2 W-WWP


White Ribbon; Christy Bellinger; Lady Diana 2 W-W


Mini Gold Ribbon; Naomi Liggett; Segovia 3 W-Y


Mini White Ribbon; Nancy Gill; Pacific Coast 8 Y_Y


Youth Best Bloom; Rachel Beery; Gull 2 W-GWW


Youth Vase of 3; Rachel Beery; Tahiti 4 Y-O


Small Grower Award; Frank Van der Meulen; Sabre 2 Y-R


Historic Award; Joe Hamm; Gyda 3 W-YYR 1936 (much comment about this flower it was great)


Historic Vase of 3; Joe Hamm; Aurelia 7 Y-Y 1913


Intermediate Award; Tom Stettner; Lissome 2 W-W


Rose Ribbon; Tom Stettner; BB AMBO – 1; 3 Y-R; Burning Bush x Amboseli

And he also has a red rimmed flower that is to die for!


Silver Ribbon; Naomi Liggett with 21 Blues.


Purple Ribbon; Naomi Liggett; with her Australian/ New Zealand Collection

Dynasty 2 Y-R; Florence Joy 2 W-W; Capri Elizabeth 2 Y-P all Brogden; Nynja 2 Y-Y; Truculent 2 W-Y; both Jackson


Red – White – Blue; Tom Stettner all his own seedlings: BB AMBO 1 3 Y-R; BB AMBO 2 3 Y-R; JS 85-87 1 2 W-WWP; JS 85-87 3 2 W-WPP; JS 85-87 2  3 W-WWP


Maroon Ribbon; Linda Wallpe; Reed Sdlg; RV 43 L 2 Y-W; Sargeant’s Caye 1 YYW-WWY; Altun Ha 2 YYW-W; Daydream; 2 Y-W; Glover’s Reef 1 YYG-WWY


Bozievich (Green) Ribbon; Tom Stettner; Harvard   3 Y-W; 7 Brogden Bb3.1/13 2 Yy-Wp; Tuckahoe; 3 W-Gyr; Conestoga  2 W-Gyo; Burdekin 1 Y-W; Tahiti 4 Y-O; Milestone 6 W-P;        Ashmore 2 W-Gww; Stardom 3 Y-R; Someday 2 Y-R; Gawkabout 4 W-O; Doctor Hugh 3 W-GOO


Aqua Ribbon; Naomi Liggett; Hummingbird 6 Y-Y; ‘odoratus’ 8 W-Y; Pequenita 7 Y-Y;Pacific Coast 8 Y-Y; Jumblie  12 Y-O;  Xit 3 W-W; ‘henriquesii’ 13 Y-Y; Tete-a-Tete 12 Y-Y; Minnow 8 W-Y


Quinn Award a repeat winner; Nancy Gill; Gold Convention 2 Y-Y; Cinder Hill 2 W-O; Homestead 2 W-W; Bittern 12 Y-O; New Penny 3 Y-Y; Kiwi Gossip 2 Y-R; Lavender Mist 2 W-WPP; Truculent  3 W-WWY; Highfield Beauty  8 Y-GYO; Gull 2 W-GWW; Carib Gipsy 2 Y-WWY; Banker 2 Y-O; Vineland 6 Y-Y; Ringmer 3 Y-YYO; La Paloma 3 W-GYR; River Queen 2 W-W;

Intrigue 7 Y-W; Salmon Circle 2 W-WWP; Oregon Pioneer 2 Y-P; Ombersley 1 Y-Y; Pacific Rim2 Y-YYR; Magic Lantern 1 Y-O; Cairn Toul 3 W-YOO; Polar Sky 2 W-WWP


There was a lot of comment at the Show about the quality and depth of color in the flowers this year. We had a lot of visitors go through the show and as usual the comment was “I didn’t know there were so many kinds”; and “do you really grow these in Ohio outdoors!”.


One more show to go in our Region; Youngstown next weekend.


Thanks also to everyone who brought flowers; judged; or in any way helped to make our show a success. Special thanks to Cindy Cimprich for all she does for us!

Phyllis Hess

Hoping to get a slight rest this week!












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