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April 7, 2008

Category: General

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I am so glad to be back on Daffnet.  I was having withdrawl pangs.  I also miss putting in my 3 cents worth.  You know it will not be just 2 cents.  Thanks so much for all the work Ben and Nancy did to get those of us who are on AT&T up and running.
So, my first new post – I understand that we will have a band and dancing on the last night.  I have been taking ballroom dancing for several months and would like to know if anyone else who would be there also knows how.  I do a mean rhumba!!  Also love to waltz.  Dance card is empty, so get on it while you can. 
Donna Dietsch
Columbus Ohio
Where nothing is in bloom.
james rogers < title=> wrote:

So Ben.. will the new server pass muster or will it
identify itself as new as well?
As always, you are doing much good work here :o))

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