Ben Blake, California

Welcome back members blocked by AT&T

April 4, 2008

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AT&T has been rejecting Daffnet mail since we moved the server to our new location and Internet address. Finally, after I sent many messages to AT&T administrators, they stopped blocking this afternoon.

Because of the large amount of spam now sent to mail servers, new servers, which ours appeared to be with it’s new address, are suspected of being spammer’s. Ninety percent of all mail sent to the Internet today is confirmed spam, so you can understand the concern that large organizations have.

I had to submit documentation to AOL and Yahoo for them to accept our mail too. They provided a more forthright method of clearing new servers than AT&T. In fact the AT&T method was so obscure as to be near impossible to accomplish. They finally responded to my message describing the ADS organization, a short history, and the fact that we have been operating our mail server for twelve years. Just the Internet address changed, not the mail server.

So, let me welcome back those members that have patiently waited for their Daffnet.

Ben Blake
Daffnet Administrator

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