Why I love daffs

April 25, 2008

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Just wanted to share something that will either make you smile in appreciation of a durable plant or groan in exasperation at a gardener that pushes plants to their limits.

In March of 2007 I had a most enjoyable time with the Greater Saint Louis Daffodil Society in their endeavor to dig heritage daffs at the Shaw Nature Preserve.  From that time until planting time here in Oklahoma my little treasures spent their time drying on two 8′ tables in our garage (which is separate from our house and like the house made of granite)

Last fall I was able to plant a goodly portion of the bulbs before work, some family health issues and other things got in the way and left me with alot to go.  Yesterday, I had to rumage for something in the garage and there were those remaining tough little darlings with their sprouted foliage.  If I had better light out there, I imagine they would even send out blooms?

I know that April (or should I say almost May) in Oklahoma is not the most appropriate time for planting them but I think that they more than deserve a go in the outdoors.  Right?  That is my dedicated project this weekend.

I read and observe all the correspondence in which so many of you in Daffnet share the wonderful results of your hybridizing.  I am totally blown away by the pictures.  I will never reach that degree of involvement but I love how daffs meet the challenges of our weather here.  Nothing stirs my heart more than driving by an old homestead, esp in the eastern part of the state, and seeing a swath of untended yellow.  They grow in spite of us.

OKlahoma City

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