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World Daffodil Tour – Lamberhurst Champion

April 26, 2008

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The 2008 World Daffodil Tour consisted of four segments organized by four groups taking people to shows or displays in London, Northern Ireland, Holland, Harrogate, and Wisley. People could make their own arrangements to attend any or all of these segments. I chose to join a package tour organized by Lesley Ramsay which encompassed all these segments and more. I was an honorary Kiwi for three weeks. The Kiwi version of the World Daffodil Tour started with a visit to Tunbridge Wells in south east England; however, I’ll post only pictures related to daffodils and only mention the non-daffodil sites we visited. The first daffodil event was a stop at the Lamberhurst village flower show. I don’t know what the typical English village show is like, but I suspect this was better than most of them because Noel Burr was one of the exhibitors. The champion bloom at this show was his Wessons.
Kirby Fong

One response to “World Daffodil Tour – Lamberhurst Champion”

  1. Peter and Lesley Ramsay says:

    Hello Laurie and others,
    We are home – weary but satisfied after a wonderful tour. An “official” letter from Tour Leader Lesley will be sent to the Lamberhurst Team but just a quick thank you for opening the doors early to allow the group to view the show. That was really appreciated – our first show on the UK and Holland Tour. Thanks to John and Melissa for posting photos.
    Also we haven’t been on Daffnet for six weeks so are unaware of any personal correspondence. So this is a general thanks to those of you who may have sent best wishes to Peter for the award of the ADS Gold Medal. He was stunned when Rod Armstrong read out the citation in London. Gave his shortest speech ever!
    See you all in Chicago!
    Lesley and Peter