Daily Archives: May 2, 2008


Hi all, We had wonderful weather in Europe and all fears of cold and misery were dispelled. Thanks to all who took part in making a wonderful trip. It took…

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Thanks for refrigeration advice:)

May 2, 2008

Hello, Many thanks to everyone who so kindly replied to my query about refrigerating daffodils before a show. I did pick and store the flowers on Saturday and many survived…

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another field

This is another view, showing 2 of Nial’s fields.   Mary Lou

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field at Ringhaddy

This is one of Nial’s fields.   Mary Lou

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at Ringhaddy

This photo was also taken along the walk to the house.  There was quite a breeze coming off the Loch!   Mary Lou

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a few photos from Nial Watson’s place

Friends, After leaving London, we went to Belfast for more World Tour festivities.  The first garden we visited was Nial and Hillary Watson’s Ringhaddy Daffodils.  This photo is on the…

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