Daily Archives: May 11, 2008

Judges at Belfast

May 11, 2008

A good set of judges. Seven out of eight put their hands up to show that they knew that the two flowers in the bottom right hand corner were daffodils.…

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World Tour/London

Last one tonight–others at the pub: Paul Payne, Geoff Ridley, Kathy Julius, David Burdick, and Ann Nigrelli

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World Tour/London–Kathy A. and Mike B.

Kathy Armstrong and Mike Brook with a small gathering at a pub after judging of the London show was complete. Yes, I am back at the London photos. I promise…

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World Tour/Keukenhof–Van der Veek

A view of Carlos Van der Veek’s display–gorgeous!

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World Tour/Flowers on display at Keukenhof

Amazing displays at Keukenhof–this photo is part of the W. F. Leenen display–yes, daffodils and vegetables, daffs coming out of eggs, all sorts of fun ideas!

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World Tour/Holland-Reg, Rita, and Bill Dijk

Reg and Rita Cull and Bill Dijk of New Zealand at Hein Meeuwissen’s.

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