Just Joan at Lamberhurst

May 23, 2008

Category: Show Results

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Dear Laurie:
Welcome to participation in Daffnet! 
We thought the Lamberhurst show was lovely, and appreciated the chance to visit with you there.  I was especially taken with Just Joan, and here is a photo which, though it may not do the bloom justice, gives folks a peek at its general characteristics.
Melissa Reading

  Hi All
As I am brand new to this I am not sure if I am doing this right, but I
thought a few words about the Lamberhurst Show would not be out of place.The
reason Noel Burr shows with us is that he lived in Lamberhurst for many
years and always showed with us long before he became the expert he is
now.The South East Show was "born" here following a chat between Noel and
myself.We do pride ourselves on staging a good show by looking after
exhibitors well,with no prize money we attract exhibitors from considerable
distances.We were pleased to welcome the Convention visitors and hope they
enjoyed the time spent with us.I had several Just Joan flowers in the show.
Laurie Manser  Chairman LGA


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