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May 16, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics

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Good day,
I’ve got a mystery on my hands that I hope one of you can solve. The Jensen-Olson Arboretum is a new public institution in Juneau, Alaska. The property was homesteaded by Johan Petersen, a German immigrant gold miner in 1904. His wife Marie lived here until her passing in 1959 at the age of 93. This daffodil would have been at the foot of the steps of their old cabin that was dismantled in 1985. It is entirely possible that Marie could have planted this early in the 20th century to have something nice to view in the spring. Any information would be helpful for our plant records. This clump did not bloom last year and half of it was dug last fall and moved to a more favorable location. This is the only flower that I have of it this season.
Thanks in advance of anything you might be able to share,
Merrill Jensen Arboretum Manager Jensen-Olson Arboretum Juneau, Alaska 99801 907.789.0139  title=

7 responses to “mystery historic daff”

  1. Joe Hamm says:

    It appears to be a division 2………. and by general appearance the only things that come to mind are Helios 2 Y-O pre 1912 and Croesus 2 Y-YYO 1912 both have pale yellow perianths…………..
    Joe Indianapolis, IN ‘Historic, just like his bulbs’
    On Fri, 16 May 2008 15:47:39 -0800 “Merrill Jensen” < title=> writes:

  2. Ethel Smith, Minnesota Ethel Smith says:

    Merrill, Just an amateur guess but the photo reminds me of Franciscus Drake, which I love because of its bright corona and happygolucky air – petals flaring back in disarray. Joe Hamm, what do you think? Ethel Smith in MN

  3. Merrill Jensen says:

    Hi Ethel,
    That looks much more like it than Croesus. And Croesus was a much better match than Helios. Joe, what do you think? The petals to have a lax, floppy air about them…

  4. Merrill Jensen says:

    Well, after a second look, Franciscus Drake may not be it after all. Although the petals have lightened considerably, they are definitely not white. After being cut for 4 day, they are still a pastel, creamy yellow with a bright yellow base. And the corona is pure orange…

  5. Joe Hamm says:

    When I viewed the photo sent originally … Francicus Drake came to mind…… but dismissed it since the cup was not big enough in proportion to the perianth and the perianths did have the White, waves, flop etc. I still stand by my original…… fact the last photo with the flare back and the cup coloration looks like a ‘bad day’ Folly….
    Joe Hamm ‘Historic like his bulbs”

  6. Merrill Jensen says:

    Thanks Joe, for the information. I’m going to put it into our data base as Croesus. The petals are not quite as wide as Kirby Fong’s photo, but everything else matches; color, corolla… I’m going to proceed on an increases program and then sell to the local garden club for astronomical prices. Nothing like having a piece of Juneau’s gold mining history…
    Thanks again!

  7. Joe Hamm says:

    Merrill……Love the.. “sell them at astronomical prices..” it will prove ‘antiques’ do have value if you have province (story) to attach.
    Joe Hamm “Historic like his bulbs”