This hobby is a rich source of joy, and I need some advice

May 8, 2008

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I joined the ADS only a few months ago (January), when I wanted to grow a few daffs for inside display in vases to dispel the gloom of winter. I ordered maybe 40 varieties and planted them in pots in January, right at the end of the “sales”, and didn’t hope for much. I think that they began blooming in February here in southern Mississippi and this week finished. I had no IDEA of the beauty and richness of a life form that I was getting into. I entered them in competition and gave away a jillion blooms to friends. They have been such a joy. And I have loved the photos from the shows oversees. “My documents” now has many photos for me to enjoy during the winter of this year.
I have grown all of my daffs in 4 gallon pots that are 1′ by 1′ by 1′(is that 4 gallons?). My question is What to do now, here in Southern Mississippi with my daffs in pots. Some of the foliage is now turning yellow, but not most of it.
What do I do now? On the ADS website, it says for pot growers to turn the pots on their sides. I don’t know what this is about. If it is about water reduction, I can move the pots into an open garage, where the pots won’t get any water at all. Is this what I need to do? Should I give them some fertilizer now or later? I did give them some 14-14-14 a couple of weeks ago and last week a handful of milorganite. I water them daily, along with my new daylilies and tomatoes (in pots). I heartily admit that I don’t know what the hell I am doing and, frankly, need advice.
What should I do now? Move the daff pots into the garage now or instead wait until later? Leave them outside? Give them some fertilizer or abstain?
I really need to know what you think.
Jim Chaney

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