May 2, 2008

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Weather and Temperature

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Hi all,
We had wonderful weather in Europe and all fears of cold and misery were dispelled. Thanks to all who took part in making a wonderful trip. It took me 41 hours to get home from London. Thats a couple of sleeps too many. I was held up in Auckland for ten hours waiting for rescheduled flights after fog disruption. Not a great place to waste a day.
Whilst in Europe a number of you asked about weather variations in New Zealand. Here in Christchurch it can change so quickly. All temperatures are in Celsius. I arrived home Monday and Tuesday – Wednesday we were treated to a warm 23 and 25 degrees. This morning, in Christchurch, the windchill factor was minus 8.5 degrees with snow on the hills around the city. It could well be warm again early next week. Further north such variations are less likely.

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