World Tour/Holland–Hein’s place, correction

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I guess I wasn’t looking closely enough at this photo!  Hein says that’s not Jan Pennings on the left, it’s Hein’s father Leo van Tol.  Hein’s wife’s name is Corrine.

Thanks, Hein.  It was such fun to put faces and personalities to many of the names I’d only seen or heard before the trip!

Becky Fox Matthews wrote:

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A group inspecting a bright yellow Div. 6 daffodil that really stood out in Hein Meeuwissen’s field–I have a note that it is one of Carlos Van der Veek’s seedlings.  Some of them were double-headed and I’d be interested in the name. 

Left to right (I hope I have all the IDs correct):
Jan Pennings with Hein’s wife (first name?), Hein, Brian Duncan (leaning down getting a closer look), Rod Armstrong, Len and Barbara Weber, and Dianne Mrak.