Clay Higgins, New Jersey

Best in Show

June 19, 2008

Category: General

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Daffnet Friends,
Daffnet has been a little slow lately, so I thought I would throw out a little un-interesting statistic. LOL
I have for the last 11 years in a row won a “Best in Show” every year* until 2008.  So that means that I’m on the decline.  I challenge all of you to come out in force next year with your best daffodils at 20 paces.  I’m ready to be defeated . . . Give it your best shot . . . and suffer. LOL
I guess that is what I get for putting more effort into hybridizing.  At least that is what Dr. W. Bender told me a few years ago.  “When you get into hybridizing your outlook changes.”

Clay Higgins

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