fresh seeds

June 5, 2008

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Hybridizing, Seeds, Soil

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Dear Daffnetters,
During the last couple of days, a few daffodil seedpods opened up and spewed forth their shiny black gems.  All new to me.  How do I best plant the seeds?  I did the following:  I planted one batch in good-quality soil, one seed per mini-tub and another batch I placed in nice and orderly rows on medical dressing pads (the kind used for covering wounds, clean but without any wound ointments), moistened with just a sprinkling of water out of the faucet.  The pads are lying at the bottom of an opaque plastic soap box.  I could use the cover to close the environment, but don’t know whether I might not smother the seeds in the process.
I’d appreciate any and all advice.

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