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“Gardener’s Diary” today

June 12, 2008

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I am a devoted fan of the “Gardener’s Diary” program, and get frustrated over its periodic disappearance from my TV schedule.
But it’s been back for a month or so, and this morning I was delighted that it was featuring Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, with great interviews with both Brent and Becky, and a magnificent tribute to the daffodil.
I do hope some of you watched it. I will try to watch (they do repeat stuff) to see if it’s coming on again, and let everyone know via Daffnet.
This is the program which featured, years ago, Birma Ambercrombie, John Lipscomb, Carl Amason, and Celia Jones, and their daffodil gardens.  (May be others I missed—I hope not.)
If you get HGTV (and it doesn’t even have to be a reasonable hour; I get up at 5:50 every Thursday to watch it—don’t rely on my VCR to always work), this is a program worth watching.
And the most gratifying thing was that there was a 2007 date on the program—they went into holding mode for awhile, and had some 2005s and 2006s they hadn’t even shown.
Loyce McKenzie

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