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June 21, 2008

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Dear Friends,
An interested discussion on HWT.  Daffodils and ealworm belongs together all over the world. But how to CONTROL this problem?
The ealworm is active as long the bulbs are in the soil,they go in rest after digging and drying. To make them active again after the storage period,you have to dip them in water. Then you have the best results with your HWT for killing ealworm. . What is the advise in Holland for commercial growers?
Store the bulbs inside for one week with a temperature of 30 Celc. Dip the bulbs 24 hours in clean water and then HWT,4 hours with a temp.of 47 Celc.
We have also good results, as following. We know that the ealworm goes in rest after digging. So start very early with your HWT,I would say a week,ten days after digging is the best and then is 4 hours with 43,5 Celc. enough.
Any remarks: Wait a couple af days after breaking of the offsets, to heal the wounds.  HWT kills no fungus,no I would say ,all variety,s who are very capable to basal rot have a greater risk. Fat bulbs need in general a longer time before the heat is in the middle of the bulbs. The 4 hours time is more an average time for fat and small bulbs. We add 0.5 % Formaldehyde in the water to kill fungus spores and also get nicer bulbs the next year. For amateurs growers may-be not possible to get proffesional chemicals. ,a short dip,after the HWT in household chlorine can helps very well. After the HWT cool down the bulbs as soon as possible
We have in Holland a one year planting scedule,so we gave each year the HWT.. I agree with David Adams. a very good system is, to let the bulbs dry in the field,with the open air.. Have you ever feld the soil on midday.? I think the soil is heated over 50 Celc and that kills so much. Only a short time just after digging you have to care about sunburn. Never work on midday on the fields in your bulbs,they are soft and you very easy damage them,work with cool bulbs.
In general bulbs like to be in the soil. After digging,drying,breaking offsets,HWT when you can give that,plant them. All is in the air and some things love bulbs. 
Bulbs growing is not only following the advises you can get,but also everyone has his own idea,s and that can be very WORTHFULL.
I wish you all success with your work and hobby.  Jan Pennings The Netherlands.

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