mass daffodil plantings in Dunedin

June 26, 2008

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Hi Everybody


Last Saturday our patron of our local daffodil club Les Cleveland donated 30,000 daffodil bulbs and organised a team from local Rotary clubs and the Otago Daffodil club to plant these bulbs on the grass verges near one of the busiest intersections in the city. Les’s aim was to have all the bulbs planted in 2 and half hours which would have beaten a previous effort of 30,000 in three hours. Alas we didn’t quite make it with only 27,000 planted in this time. Les aims to have as many bulbs as he can find planted around the city in time for the world daffodil convention which we are hosting in 2012.  The 27,000 planted this year complements many thousands of bulbs that Les has already planted around the city.


Attached are some photos. The man in the white coat is Les in the first photo and the lady in the second photo is Rosemary looking very cold.


Regards to you all


Trevor Rollinson


2012 World Daffodil Convention Chair

2 responses to “mass daffodil plantings in Dunedin”

  1. Ben Blake, California Ben Blake says:

    You had a very interesting daffodil event with Les Cleveland’s huge donation of 30,000 bulbs. But I am puzzled about the pictures. It looks like people used some kind of poles to plant the bulbs instead of digging trenches or holes.
    Therefore my big question: How do you plant 27,000 bulbs in two and one-half hours?
    Looking frowarding to your reply!

  2. Clay Higgins says:

    Many of us hardworking “red-neck” Americans call them crowbars as well.  Some of the White Collar folks may have no idea (they are Division 11 aren’t they).  LOL

    Clay Higgins