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June 6, 2008

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To daffnetters from all over who can’t get enough of daffodils and want more of a good thing, you are invited to visit the new National Daffodil Society of NZ Website at www.daffodil.org.nz

Our website was built by Nancy Tackett (many thanks Nancy, it is looking great)  and there is much interesting information, articles, links and photos of the Premiers from the 2007 shows are there too.  The website will be added to as required so come back often.

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2 responses to “NDS Website”

  1. Peter and Lesley Ramsay says:

    Thanks Linda for looking at the new website – hope others follow.  Please all look at the Bulletin Board!

    The photo appeared in the 1933 RHS Yearbook.

    Front row: Mr Shaw, Mr Poole Snr, Mrs Moorby, Mr Danby,

    Mr Braithwaite

    < face=Arial>Middle: Mr Lewis, Mr Yarrall (Founder of the Northern Daffodil Club), Mr Shepherd, Mr Pierson, Mr Corrigan, Mr Hammond. Mr Weightman

    Back  MrAllen, Mr Poole (jnr) Mr Avery, Mr Alan Gibson, Mr Thomas, Mr Hopkirk, Mr Grindrod.

    < face=Arial>I think the photo may have been taken in Hamilton – I am sure John Hunter will have more info.  They were people whom I heard my father speak of in awed tones!


  2. Phyllis Hess says:
    The website is terrific; Nancy and all did their usual good job. I saw the photo of the groom with his trophy or rather both trophies.