Keith Kridler, Texas

New Zealand rabbits

June 5, 2008

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These rabbits are becoming quite numerous in parts of Texas. I was wondering if they eat daffodil foliage? KK

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  1. John Beck says:

    I want some new zealand wabbits that one was too big-for me- either an aussie or a native texan- about the size I was appraised for Tehan Jack Wabbits? Oh sorry “Yak Wabbis” so do the newzealanders have huge pockets? OK so I should wake up before I answer email- John>

  2. Bob Spotts says:

    West Island is not yet an official part of New Zealand.
    At 04:52 AM 6/5/2008, Keith Kridler wrote:

  3. Peter and Lesley Ramsay says:

    Hi Keith and Daffnetters,
    I always knew that everything is bigger and brighter in Texas!! I would like to hear David Jackson’s and some of our South Islander’s opinions before I say anything about the eating habits of this particular rodent which at first glance appears to be related to Skippy!
    Pete the Kiwi

  4. Graeme Davis, Australia Graeme Davis says:

    These particular beasts are rather prolific around Canberra – a large mob that during drought graze on the sports oval near my mothers place that often finds its way through her garden.
    I have never seen evidence of them eating daffodils (although that may be because the white cockatoos have beaten them to it) but they do make a mess if they hop through a garden bed.
    While these beasts are part of our national emblem (with a large bird that cannot fly) they are now in such numbers that they are the cause of significant environmental damage in some parts of the country.  They are, however, rather tasty.