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My response to Rob’s follow-up questions.

Thanks Bill……..Just so I understand you and you me…..Dafodils need to be in raised beds in dry area corect and do not mulch them, correct, so to prevent from staying moist/wet?

The bed I was talking about is in full sun and at the top of a slight slope (great drainage). In the years when I do get all the weds out of this bed, I do generally mulch is, to keep the weeds down rather than anything else.
Now you hit a 100-degree day in the middle of the drought, and everything is going to need water. I generally don’t worry about this kind of water on the daffodils. It’s regular and constant deep watering that you want to avoid in the summer.

Also can I assume once I establish the Rudbeckias, I will not need to water them? Can I mulch the rudeckias or better not to(espeicially w/daffodils near by)?
Of all these mentioned -will they all do well in 60-70% sun/30% shade in zone 5?


Of these which colors are avail and would look best and would you mix them or not?

===>That’s personal taste. I prefer a mixed garden and that means you always have something to cut for the table too.
Bill Lee

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