Bob Spotts, California

sun-drying bulbs

June 19, 2008

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My experience with bulbs left in the sun is quite different from that of Clay Higgins and Dave Adams. Here in Oakley, California, any bulb missed in digging and left in the sun for a few days will be cooked – dead. The external layers of the bulb will feel like cardboard and the internal portion will be soft.
I’ll not worry about bulbs having a couple of hours mid-day exposure to the sun on a June/July/August day, but much longer than that is definitely injurious – and a couple of days will surely result in loss of the bulb.
At 12:18 PM 6/19/2008, wrote: >Mary Lou, >Having done HWT on a regular basis, the science of it is that you >have to hold a high temperature for a long period of time, without >getting too hot. Getting too hot destroys the bulb (cooks it), and >not being hot enough doesn’t cook the nematodes. My problem with >using the car to heat the bulbs is the controlling of the heat. I’d >like to see the adjustment nob on the sun (LOL) to make sure it >doesnt’ get to hot. > >Poach eggs yes. LOL. > >Yes, I use the method of leaving my bulbs in the sun after digging, >every since he put it on daffnet. Works like a charm. I have >significantly reduced my loss as well. Down to about 2%. I leave >them out there until I “get around tuit” before I bag them and take >them in – week to 10 days. I’ve noted that bulbs that are missed in >the digging, and that stay out in the sun all summer, blooms it’s >head off the next year. So, I’m sold on the sun drying as not >hurting the bulbs. > >clay > >– >Clay Higgins > title= >

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