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July 25, 2008

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Thanks to all who responded to my little Naming suggestions exercise and I have just been reminded that I did not announce winners. Well, response was so amazing with over 100 names suggested by 23 respondents! Obviously that all took some consideration and in the meantime I’ve been lifting and sorting bulbs as well as having a family holiday in Spain. So I hope you will all excuse the delay and accept my apologies.
Anyway, with such a choice of good names I have also procrastinated  – and could not come to a final conclusion myself.Accordingly I have chosen a short list from submissions and I ask willing members to vote for their favourite names for the two flowers.I am not naming people  who submitted the names at this point.
Shortlisted names for 2817 – 3-WWP  are:
  ‘Crowning Glory’  ‘Cool Blush’         ‘Apricot Hero’ 
  ‘Perfect Ending’   ‘Careless Whispers’  ‘Little Kisses’            ‘Goodnight Kiss’  ‘Mating Call’        ‘Angel baby’
and for 2619  1Y-P  shortlisted are :-
  ‘Pearly Pink’    ‘Pink Tulle’    ‘Sunday dress’
  ‘In the Pink’    ‘Soul Mate’    ‘Spring Sunset’
  ‘Forty Winks’  ‘Early Riser’    ‘Ballykissangel’
I hope the photos are still attached as a reminder. Thanks to all who participated in the beginning, now I hope you do not mind voting to help come to a conclusion and see who gets the two little packets.
Mind you – I reserve the right to have the casting vote.
Can I suggest we do not let this drag on – final votes please by midnight GMT on 1st August. and I will announce results very soon afterwards.
Have fun!
Brian Duncan
I just switched off my fridge and removed the last of the flowers to enjoy at the end of the season. Some had been in the cold for several weeks
1)  2817 – 3W-WWP
2)  Coliseum – 2W-YYO – perhaps a long awaited challenger to Ringleader
3)  2619 – 1Y-P. Not the deepest yellow perianth but good pink and  vigour to spare.
Anyone got  suggestions for names for 1) and 3). If a suggested name is chosen and used the proposer might receive a little surprise packet if they also supply postal address. No guarantees.
Brian Duncan

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