Help from Aussies

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Hi Daffseek,
  Can our  Austalian members please help with the identification of this redcup.
  About 1981  and the next year also, I imported from Hancocks Bulbs , Victoria Australia this very useful, cutflower type redcup.
 Both years I recieved the same flower,  —  one year as Bright Lass and one year as Bright Lad.
Fromthe descriptions on daffseek , I,m still not sure but would favour B. Lad.
It is flowering here at the present which would make it early or very early. A good tall stem ,good flower rate and bright colour contrast
have ensure a keen marketdemand , usually the first redcup in my local market.
  would appreciate help from any one ho may know either or both the suspects.
  Thanks  John.

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