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I received a catalog from Colorblends today. They are a relatively new group that sells Dutch bulbs of all kinds. I remember meeting their staff at a Garden Writers meeting a number of years ago when they were first forming the company and trying to get some attention. They were all young and had great ideas.
The catalog that arrived today is fascinating. Their photographs are vivid, and they feature combinations of different colors of flowers. Their daffodil photos really stand out.
But there is also interesting background information. I was fascinated by the “koopmachine” (beheading machine) that is used to cut the flowers off the tulips to encourage larger bulbs. Blooms the machine misses are usually hand-picked, often by children.
Remember a few weeks ago when some of us disagreed with the practice of leaving dug daffodil bulbs in place on the soil to dry for weeks? Well, a little bit of insider information about shipping clears this up. These wholesale growers WANT the bulbs to lose 10-20% of their water weight. If they don’t, then it is expired in the shipping crates as they make their overseas voyages to wholesalers and other suppliers and the moisture in the crates promotes fungus.
Check out the company and some of their photos at their website:
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  1. My limited experience with Colorblends has been good.  High quality, large bulbs and correctly identified.  Costs are a little higher than some and minimum orders larger.
    Drew Mc Farland
    Granville, Ohio

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