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Judging species parent and Standard child

July 29, 2008

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Hi Kathy,

The particular Mini/Standard controversy of ten years ago that you mentioned should not be encountered today in ADS Shows. Since that time, the ADS Miniatures Committee has removed species from the List of Approved Miniatures, retitling the list as “List of Approved Miniature Cultivars.” Since the change, a bloom of N. jonquilla can be shown wherever the exhibitor wants to place it. In several shows on the West Coast, larger N. jonquilla blooms have been shown as species in Standards classes.

Under current ADS exhibition guidelines, any species bloom could be shown in a Standards Div. 13 class, since none are on the Approved Miniatures List. Of course, just because they could doesn’t mean they should.


In a message dated 7/28/2008 12:59:04 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

the Washington DC Daffodil Society has a category for “mother” (mom) and ‘child’ ( the kid).
the Dad????

Well…………that’s not exactly true!  WDS has had a class called Parent/Child for as long as I can remember.  Either one of the parents can be displayed with the child.  About ten years ago we had a bit of a controversy because one of the exhibits was a mini and the other a standard. In other words n. jonquilla was one of the parents and produced a standard because of the other parent.  Because ADS rules say that minis and standards have to be in different sections in the show, be had to be more specific to prevent this from happening in future years. Maybe the National schedule should adopt a Parent/Child class, or other shows could add the class. Parent/Child always has a number of entries and the winner receives a WDS award of a pewter cup or $20 gift certificate for our bulb order.


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