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Thrill of victory

July 27, 2008

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Here’s an article about competitive flower growers where we didn’t get a mention, probably due to our early season. The “other ADS” was mentioned. I’m a member there, too: American Dahlia Society.
——————– Thrill of victory ——————–
Showcasing gargantuan gourds and breathtaking blooms, Olympics-like competitions get gardeners flexing their green thumbs
July 27 2008
In a few days, the torch finally will arrive in the Olympic stadium in Beijing. In the days to come, marathon runners, swimmers and tiny gymnasts will eke out the last ounce of energy, courage and focus. And each will know that in the end, only one can step up for the gold medal.
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One response to “Thrill of victory”

  1. Donna Dietsch says:
    Hi George,
    Perhaps no mention of daffodils, but there are eerie similarities between the people they described and daffodil people.
    Donna Dietsch