John McLennan, New Zealand


July 31, 2008

Categories: Classics, Daffodil Types, Standards

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Hi Daffnetters,
  Kapiti  —  Horowhenua area has had , likke most of the country, taken a bit of a battering in the last  36 hours.
Very strong, extremely high gusts  —  considerable wind damage around but fortunately not a lot of rain.
That is promised for next 24 hours.
Dianne and peter Irwin had a 70 meter long, tall, well established Eucaliptus [ Australian Gums]belt completely flattened
by t5he easterly sweeping down the Ohau gorge.It fell over a n area of daffs that had mostly picked out.
Kevin Sherlock lost about 20 trees, the worst damage being to his bird avairys , –the canarys are free but not his beautiful pheasants.
I lost about 6 large pines that openned a 30 meter gap in an established shelter belt.Kevin has had no electricity for 30 hours .
I was out for 15 hours. Wilf  Halls phone is not responding  —  presume it is a power problem.
The good news is every one is safe and sound,  life goes on  we,ve got a great spring to look forward to.
  An old Aussie that needs photos for daffseek.
Titch  1 Y Y  H A Brown  Australia  1946.
I imported this from  Hancocks  Victoria  Aust.  about  1982.
Very early,  not particularly small or short as the name ay suggest.
Has been a very good seed parent for me .  A large cross  Titch  x  Malvern  City  has given many useful selections , quite  a few that
are earlier than either parent.
A little rain on the flowers,  —  sorry about the glare rebound.

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