Tazetta Trials

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As a general addendum~
In complement to Keith’s posting on paperwhites for forcing, there is an outfit called “Easy to Grow Bulbs.com” that has a page of 4 paperwhites (Ziva, Nir, Inball, Ariel), and lists their comparatives (height, fragrance, stems, blooming time).
In north Florida, my mom trialed Inball one year, out in the garden (they are all garden flowers there) – it never came back, so she’s figuring it’s a dry-climate. Only Galilee has repeated well.
Also, there’s Nony and Yael, which are bicolor, but more modern hybrids, and are lightly scented.

Now Herut Yahel from Israel was interested in breeding paper whites with less scent or at least a more pleasant scent that could be tolerated by more
people when planted indoors. I see Ziva, Galilee, Ariel listed by K. Van Bourgondien and Sons and also another one bred in Israel called Inbal which is listed as an improved “Ziva”. If you do a search on Daffseek either by the hybridizer above or by just the country you will pull up all of the paperwhites that were bred/selected in Israel for reduced scent as they were/are marketed under different names in different countries.
Anyway even with Israel daffodils if you or your family members cannot tolerate the scent from these Division 8 daffodils you might be surprised that more people like the scent from the jonquils or Division 7’s when used indoors.