Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee

Friends in need of cheer

August 27, 2008

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Benny Amos, who some of you met at the Tacoma National Convention in 2006, is ill. He and Chris Catamanzaro joined MTDS and ADS while living in Nashville. They were active here and both clerked at the Tacoma show. The attached photo shows Benny chatting with Leone at the show.
Benny and Chris have since relocated to Richmond, Virginia. Benny is on dialysis, in need of a liver transplant, but the doctors think he has too many medical problems to put him on the transplant list. As you can imagine, Chris and Benny are having a rough time. Please send cheery cards or notes their way to:
Benny W. Amos VCU Health System 401 N. 12th St. Richmond VA 23298
If you don’t use snail mail, please send them an encouraging note to  title=.
Thanks so much, Becky Fox Matthews

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