John McLennan, New Zealand


August 12, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Standards

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Hi again daffnetters,
  An early season redcup with photos for daffseek.
KAZAN  2Y  O  D N Y Olson.
Nancy  T.  This is also under Santorin.Doug Olson retired to Otaki and was a close friend
I was first given this variety under the garden name of Santorin.
However this was declined by the Registrar and Kazan was chosen as an alternative.
I still have some of the early pegs with Santorin on them.
Kazan is the capital city of one Russian States.Doug , a lover of classical music, was a fan of the music from that region.
The  Tartar Folk music has survived many difficult times but Kazan now seens to be their home base.

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