Lesley Ramsay, New Zealand

Mt Albert Show

August 23, 2008

Category: Show Results

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Hello All,


Yesterday Les and I traveled to Auckland to judge the daffodil section of the Mt Albert Show.  This did not prove to be very difficult as Graeme and Faith Miller were the only exhibitors!  However their flowers were worth seeing – well staged, clean and mostly nice and smooth.  To break the monotony of firsts we managed to NAS one entry and placed another second!  I’m sure we will hear from Graeme about this!


Attached is one of the vases in their very good NDS Certificate class entry.  The top flower was the premier 1YY.  Also attached is the Champion bloom – Chan Mala which was also Champion at last week’s table show (same flower.  I actually preferred a nice bloom of Jolly Good (2YR and it was) – however my co-judge pointed out two large nicks so we went to the smoother flower.


Te Kuiti on Friday – more from there then.






PS Raining here again – in the last five weeks we have had over twelve inches of rain – about three times as much as the recommended rate for daffs.  On our trip North the Waikato River was getting close to flooding State Highway 1.  Would someone turn the tap off please.  

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