New Zealand Cyclone photo

August 4, 2008

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A storm that hit New Zealand in late July 2008 was the most intense sub-tropical cyclone to strike the North Island in a decade, according to local news sources.
  *** MODIS(Terra) image from Jul 26 2008 (Posted on Jul 28 2008 8:59AM)

The link above will lead you to a satellite photo of the cyclone that hit our New Zealand friends last week, bringing torrential downpours.

That site also has frequent satellite photos of the smoke plumes from the ongoing California fires.


At 08:31 PM 8/2/2008, Graeme wrote:

Hi everyone
I have just taken the dogs outside for a walk during one of the only fine breaks we have had in the last week. I was wandering over the farm to look at the flooding and the dogs headed towards the daffodils. Here are some photos of Ellouise in the daffodil beds . . . apparently, according to Dad, the water is over his gumboot tops in places!
Bring on the sunshine I say!


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